What should a driver do if approached from behind by an emergency vehicle with siren and flashing lights and there is no room to pull off the highway?

Drive normally until you can pull off of the road, and then do so.  Don’t speed up – you put yourself and other drivers at risk if you drive above the speed limit.  Don’t slow down – that just delays the emergency response.  And don’t try to pull over if there is not enough room; the emergency vehicle can’t pass, and the slowed or stopped traffic is a danger to everyone.

(Provided by Solano Transportation Authority)

What repairs are planned for State Route 12 between Currie Road and Drouin Drive in Rio Vista?  When will the work be done? 

Caltrans is currently in the environmental phase of a project that will provide shoulder widening from Azevedo Road to Liberty Island Road in Rio Vista.  
(Provided by Caltrans)

 Will a concrete divider be installed on State Route 12 the entire way between Rio Vista and Suisun City, as was done on State Route 37 between Vallejo and Sears Point? 

There are no plans at this time to install a concrete divider on State Route 12 from Suisun to Rio Vista.
(Provided by Caltrans)

 Are there any plans to put channelizers on State Route 12 between Rio Vista and Interstate 5?

There are no plans to place channelizers in this area at this time.
(Provided by Caltrans)

 Are there any plans to make State Route 12 between Interstate 5 and Rio Vista a no-passing and a double fine zone?

State Route 12 from Interstate 80 to Interstate 5 is already a Special Enforcement – Double Fine Zone.

 District 3, Sacramento County:  Staff has looked at the segments of State Route 12 within District 3 and due to factors like alignment, toll bridge operations, farming operations, etc we have decided to keep the passing zones open.   We will continue to monitor this stretch of roadway to ensure future safety

 District 10, San Joaquin County:  There are no current plans to make this stretch of SR-12 a 100% no passing zone.
(Provided by Caltrans)

 Why don’t we just make State Route 12 a four lane highway? 

The Solano Transportation Authority is currently leading a joint Multi-jurisdictional Major Investment Study that will help to determine future plans for State Route 12.
(Provided by Solano Transportation Authority) 

 Why don’t we ban large trucks from using State Route 12 between Interstate 80 and Interstate 5? 

As a state transportation agency, Caltrans does not have the authority to ban vehicles from its roads.  Caltrans does, however, have the ability to restrict usage on its roads to improve safety.  Currently, on State Route 12, only trucks hauling a standard legal load are permitted to use the highway.  Trucks exceeding the standard legal load are required to apply for a permit.
(Provided by Caltrans)

 Are there any plans to replace the Rio Vista Bridge with a four lane bridge? 

The Rio Vista Bridge Preliminary Study that was recently completed identified several possible bridge replacement alternatives.  Information on these alternatives is available at riovistabridge.com.  The study will be incorporated into the Major Investment Study that is currently assessing the State Route 12 corridor from Interstate 80 to Interstate 5.
(Provided by Solano Transportation Authority)